Nes Artist Residency Skagaströnd Iceland


Just before the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere Donna will be attending a 2 month residency in the village of Skagaströnd, Iceland. While there she will be investigating the countries light and darkness, forces of nature, the Aurora Borealis and it’s natural phenomena. Her aim is to document, through photography and video the natural forces and rhythms affecting this environment along with the human impact incorporated in this change. The opportunity to be immersed in this wild winter landscape will allow Donna to revitalize her ideas and explore her fascination with the intersection between land, water and sky.

The artists documentary work from this residency will be interpreted into artworks and form the basis of an exhibition called Far Away Here at Artspace Mackay. The development of this new work has been made possible with assistance from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).