Onespace Afterimage – Opening Exhibition 8th December, Highgate Hill Brisbane

For the inaugural collection, Onespace has curated an exciting print range which includes a diversity of imagery and concerns by artists:
Michael Boiyool Anning
James and Eleanor Avery
Renata Buziak
Elisa Jane Carmichael
Jodie Connolly
Shara Delaney
Sebastian Di Mauro
Andrea Higgins
Georgina Hooper
Lucy Irvine
Rachael Lee
Fintan Magee
Sebastian Moody
Casselle Mountford
Deb Mostert
Matthew Newkirk
Lix North
Elysha Rei
Mandy Ridley
Brian Robinson
Donna Maree Robinson
Jackie Ryan
Samuel Tupou
Benjamin Werner
Jay Younger
The exhibition will be open at Onespace Gallery from Wednesday, 6 December to Friday, 22 December 2017. The complete range of prints are available here: