About Donna Maree Robinson

is a multimedia artist whose work explores the poetic potential of an environment which she infuses with layered meanings, imagination, memories and history; a visual intersection of the natural world and our human impact upon it.

Animating Spaces – Mackay Up

RISE – Large Scale Projection: Pioneer Shire Building, Wood Street. ‘Look Up’ Flowmotion.ology – 3 projections for a mobile boat lantern. ‘Up River’ SWOOP – Lorikeet Projection, 7th Lane Wood Street. ‘Look Up’ Mackay UP Animating Spaces 2015  

Sunshine Coast Art Prize

Solace – Sjálfsskoðun Hjartans has been shortlisted from applicants around Australia for the prestigious Sunshine Coast Art Prize.   http://gallery.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/sitePage.cfm?code=awards-sc-artprize-finalists