Donna Maree Robinson: Visual editing and design
Fiona Bishop-Vuibeqa: Sound design

Shortlisted for the international Screengrab New Media Awards, 2012.

Breath explores the murky underworld of the oceans and our all encompassing fear of ‘what lies beneath’. In a panoramic landscape of open ocean, the lone surfer is recorded from various angles in the beauty and fluidity of the sea. The recording imbues the narrative with an elusive dreamlike quality that is tainted with fear. The anonymity of the surfer is removed by the camera to not only fulfill my curiosity about his life, but also to help me conquer my fear of the unknown.
Emotive control was relinquished by me, (the visual editor), as I handed the work to my colleague, Fiona Bishop-Vuibeqa. By deconstructing orchestral samples from Logic Pro Software Fiona manipulated the intent of the musical phrases to create a more ominous feel. She then composed a score based on these reworked phrases with the aim to influence the emotions of the viewer.

©Donna Maree Robinson