Constellations is an immersive digital installation based on the iconography of women who feature on our Australian bank notes. With the use of altered footage, soundscapes and collaged photographic images the video paints a portrait of these women in an imaginative non-literal journey through interstellar landscapes of fact, fiction and the historical events of those who they inspired. Ranging from poets to protestors to socialist social workers and opera singers, these women lived large lives that shaped Australia’s history and identity.

Celebrating International Women’s Week 2020, Constellations was a collaboration between spoken word artist Tiarn Florence and digital artist Donna Maree Robinson. Their aim was to illustrate these stories, which are the warp and weft of the fabric of feminist history. Rather than attempting to re-create literal landscapes, Constellations evoked dreamlike galaxies, infused with meaning in a rich visual and aural rendition of a futuristic past.

Special thanks to the Queensland Government and Gympie RADF for funding this project. Without the inspiration from Women Initiating New Directions Organisation Inc this project would not have been possible. WINDO’s mission is to change the culture towards women through a combination of thought leadership and the Arts.