FLUXUS: 9 min 31 sec continuous loop




In Fluxus  personal memories from the artists life, captured on video, are projected through a liquid filled glass bowl to resemble a snow dome. Part of the imagery filmed during an art residency in the city is juxtaposed with footage from the artists semi-rural, beach-dwelling life at home.

The work projects a daydream like distortion of memory, time and place; navigating the viewer through a window of dissimilar worlds. Captured moments interweave the two environments into an ambient mix of images and sound: blending experiences, dreams and possibilities that would otherwise not exist.

Donna Maree Robinson: Visual Editing and Design

Elliot Ostwald: Audio – Big Tree

Created February 2013 during the 2 week Brisbane art residency (QRAA digital art award) at ‘The Edge’