High Ground


2010 High Ground, 2D images for Mackay Base Hospital Redevelopment, Queensland

High Ground is based upon the Pioneer River that runs through the Pioneer Valley and the city of Mackay before flowing out into the Pacific Ocean. The river spans 120kms and flows in a northerly direction. Water has a healing element to it, for centuries people have used water as a way to calm their moods, for leisure activities and regeneration. Without it life forms as we know them simply would not exist. Rivers also help to determine the urban form of cities and neighbourhood’s and their corridors often present opportunities for urban renewal through the development of foreshore ways.
My interest for this project lay in the space between the waters edge and the roadside or promenade – the littoral edge the place where man and nature collide. Inspired by English Romantic landscape painter JMW Turner and assemblage artist Rosalie Gascoigne, who’s work utilizes weathered materials found on the roadside. My goal was to bring fresh vision to the overlooked, outworn and discarded, works that evoke sky, river and earth and our human presence within it.

Each image 120 cm x 120 cm