Memory Paths II

Memory Paths II is an ongoing multimedia project based on stories of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, including the Indigenous and South Sea Islander communities and later waves of Maltese migrants, all of whom make up significant parts of the community today.

Local artists Donna Maree Robinson, Tracey Johnson and Fiona Bishop-Vuibeqa teamed up in 2012 to create a new media work as a contribution to Mackay’s 150th Anniversary. However, history being a kaleidoscope of many points of view, the artists  interviewed long term locals from the above communities and collected first person accounts of their memories and experiences, as their lives have made up the fabric of the history of the region. From the interviews a soundscape was created, upon which layers of visual imagery were added to re-create what might have previously existed. The images not literal but a blending of experiences, memories and emotions, a merging of real and imagined landscapes in time travel down “memory paths”.