Strata’s Edge

This body of work is based upon the beach that I live near in Queensland. Tides here are in a constant state of flux and change – with every tide brings the flotsam and jetsam of humanity – evidence of our existence within the natural world. I am attracted to the aesthetics of these objects, their provenance and the mystery that surrounds their past. I am also interested in what is happening above the horizon and what I imagine is below, as if there is a need to expose what is submerged beneath the water – the unknown factor of what lies beneath. Explorations in creating luminosity, atmosphere and light within the skies are in direct contrast with the mysteries of the depths below. My found objects enlarged out of proportion against this topography – juxtaposition between the mythical and the real, one that crosses over into the imagination and allows us to perceive what might be there depending on the condition of the day.  Altered realities that are as much about what I see as a spectator on this beach as they are about my own memories, everyday life experiences and the nostalgia of childhood – they hold an ambiguity.


Images are 76 x 76 cm, printed on archival metallic paper. Realm, Tide and Heart Effigy are 102 x 76 cm. All artworks are editions of 10.

©Donna Maree Robinson